Preparation for University Studies

Laboratory "Driver’s License": Holiday Lab Course in Molecular Biology

The Life Science Learning Lab offers a one-week intensive lab course in molecular biology and biotechnology that provides optimal preparation for university studies. The course is recommended for all those who want to study biotechnology, biology or molecular biology and who need a preliminary internship as prerequisite.

The content of the course is to isolate a human gene and to transfer it into bacteria. After selecting the bacteria, the participants learn to purify the recombinant protein and to detect it with specific antibodies. This task is a typical example for research and includes the most important genetic engineering methods and routine lab techniques.

Please note: Fees are charged for this course.

Fit for University Studies – Intensive Internship

The intensive internship in the Life Science Learning Lab enables prospective students to gain insights into lab work: Experiments from all areas are offered, from chemistry to genetics, even including state-of-the-art medical diagnostics. At the end of the one-week internship a guided tour in a research institute is offered, where the students can look behind lab doors that are closed otherwise.

Please note: Fees are charged for this internship.