Berlin-Buch. The health location.


For one hundred years, physicians and researchers collaborating at Berlin-Buch have been devoted to advancing health.
Here you are invited to learn about Berlin-Buch and its partners and to become acquainted with the unique atmosphere of the campus where the medicine of the future is being created. 

Berlin-Buch – dedicated to health

Outstanding hospitals and excellent achievements in basic biomedical research have long been hallmarks of Berlin-Buch. The internationally renowned location for science and health care provision is one of the major players in the health industry cluster in the capital city region.

In line with its clear focus on biomedicine, the Berlin-Buch location offers life science companies and research institutions unique conditions for synergies and for value creation networks. Here clinicians and basic researchers collaborate in joint projects to apply new insights gained in the high-tech laboratories to patient care. New discoveries are available to patients at Berlin-Buch already in the stage of clinical trials.

The promotion and preservation of health is the overarching goal of the circa 6000 people who work at Berlin-Buch – among them scientists of world renown, highly motivated physicians, teachers in the health professions and innovative entrepreneurs.

News Buch Berlin

Cutting off kidney cancer at its roots

Scientists at the MDC have discovered stem cells responsible for the most common form of kidney cancer. The team of Walter Birchmeier has found a way to block the growth of these tumors in three model...

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Eckert & Ziegler Starts Development Cooperation for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

The Berlin-based Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik AG (ISIN DE0005659700, S-DAX) and the Israeli Isotopia Molecular Imaging Ltd. (Isotopia) will in future work more closely together in the...

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A close-up look at mutated DNA in cancer cells

PCAWG, the largest cancer research consortium in the world, has set itself the task of improving our understanding of genetic mutations in tumors. A new studyby the international research group, to wh...

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Events Buch Berlin

17.02.2020, 15:29
Schließzeit der Beistandschaft/Beurkundung vom 17.02. – 06.03.2020

Grund ist die Umstellung auf ein neues IT-Verfahren

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19.02.2020, 15:00
Akademie der Gesundheit: Info-Nachmittag

Individuelle Beratung zum Thema Ausbildung, Weiterbildung sowie Studium

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23.02.2020, 11:00
Waldschule Bucher Forst: „Spurenlesen im Winterwald“

Wir möchten unsere Sinne schärfen, aufmerksam durch die Natur streifen, uns in die Tiere des Waldes hineinversetzen und durch das Spurenlesen so viel wie möglich über ihr Leben erfahren.

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