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FyoniBio, Alder Therapeutics, and BioLamina enter Consortium Grant Agreement to Propel Recombinant Human Laminin Development for Clinical Applications

Berlin, Germany, and Stockholm, Sweden, February 07, 2024 — FyoniBio, a contract development organization (CDO) specializing in customized cell line and process development has partnered with BioLamina, a biotech company renowned for its expertise in extracellular laminin-based cell biology and development of laminins as tools for cell culture, and Alder Therapeutics, a virtual preclinical allogeneic stem cell therapy development company. The consortium will advance the development of laminins for clinical applications.

As part of the grant-funded consortium, BioLamina and FyoniBio have executed a Master Service Agreement under which FyoniBio will use its long-standing expertise in cell line development in a variety of different mammalian cell systems, including human cell lines, to develop production clones for a couple of BioLamina’s full-length human recombinant laminins.

"FyoniBio is honored to collaborate with BioLamina and Alder Therapeutics in this transformative project. The synergy between FyoniBio's advanced human cell line development capabilities, BioLamina's legacy and significant impact on cell culture standardization and quality by their laminins as substrates, and Alder’s innovative cell therapy development platform will make for a fruitful collaboration. This is the latest step in our collective commitment to help advancing cell therapies”, commented Dr. Lars Stöckl, Managing Director at FyoniBio. “

“The collaboration between BioLamina, FyoniBio and Alder Therapeutics, supported by the secured grant funding, will enable us to combine the specific expertise of all three parties, which we expect will result in a further pushing of the boundaries of cell therapy”, says Veronica Byfield Sköld, CEO of BioLamina

“Both FyoniBio and BioLamina are renowned for their complex protein production expertise, so partnering with them is a fantastic opportunity,” commented Dr. Kristian Tryggvason, CEO at Alder therapeutics. “This collaboration will provide us with additional support for our manufacturing process, so we can help treat the Retinitis Pigmentosa patients”, commented Dr. Kristian Tryggvason, CEO at Alder therapeutics.

For more information about FyoniBio, please visit For more information about BioLamina, please visit To find out more about Alder Therapeutics, please visit

About FyoniBio GmbH

FyoniBio’s ISO-9001 certified service portfolio covers the development chain from cell line development, process development and in-depth analytical characterization, including bioassays and clinical sample monitoring under GCLP. FyoniBio’s expertise builds on the long-standing experience of their scientists who have developed various cell lines and processes which entered late-stage clinical trials. FyoniBio`s customized approaches enable rapid, high-titer cell line development in various mammalian host cell lines specialized in meeting individual product requirements. Besides the CHOnamite® platform, FyoniBio provides the human GEX® platform, which is particularly suited for recombinant proteins with complex glycan structures. Furthermore, FyoniBio is highly skilled in mass spectrometry based in-depth analytical characterization of biopharmaceuticals and offers the whole package of clinical sample analysis from assay establishment, validation and measurement of clinical samples under GCLP.

All services are established according to the internal quality management system to assure compliance with international ISO standard and meeting international GMP standards.

About BioLamina AB

BioLamina is a Swedish biotechnology company founded in 2009, built on a strong scientific foundation in cell biology and with a legacy in extracellular matrix biology. BioLamina develops, manufactures and commercializes human recombinant laminin substrates to better reflect a biorelevant environment for cultured cells in order to maintain control, gain protocol precision and create safe cells for therapy.

With its expansive portfolio of cell culture matrices, BioLamina has established itself as a key player in advancing cell therapy worldwide, recognized for its premium products, deep scientific competence and state-of-the-art service.

About Alder Therapeutics

Alder Therapeutics is a biotechnology company on a mission to cure the incurable by harnessing the potential of pluripotent stem cell-developed therapies. Through our unique cell therapy development philosophy, we overcome the challenges of traditional development approaches, embedding risk reduction and commercial-mindedness at the core of cell therapy programs.

We have two promising allogenic stem cell therapies in the pipeline, both with preclinical proof of concept data. Our flagship program is a retinal cell therapy aiming to revolutionize treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Quelle: FyoniBio GmbH

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